The Walking Bouquet

On a boring  Tuesday wear pink and be a walking bouquet with your florals. 
 Be extra girly with floral prints and pastel hues. Make sure thaat you’re keeping things balanced by having one hue.  Don’t get carried away and drown in a sea of pink. 
floral zip up jacket

 Cover up in style!  Trendy baseball jacket features an all over vintage floral print with a zip up front. It adds an old school flair to my look na“medyo” hipster get up today! 🙂


  Floral. This classic print was given a total update this year. I can’t blame myself for totally loving it from the start. It gives a fresh look. 

Being comfortable is never boring. You’ll definitely standout when you are relaxed and happy with sneakers and a pair of jeans. 

What I wear:

1. floral zip up jacket (thrifted)
2. Pastel pink jeggings 


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