Young at heart

Time flies so fast. A year seems just like a couple of  months and even a day is like a couple of hours. Hate to tell you, but the older you get, the faster it goes! Each year you feel wiser, mature and OLDER ( admit it) hahaha. But remember ” Age is just a number , being young is an attitude”. No one will notice you’re old if you’re not acting  or dressing up  like one. Don’t get me wrong being childish is different. 🙂

Today, I wore something “pa-sweet” and very young looking get up. Candy colored high waist pants and a plain midriff is a perfect match. I’m not afraid of showing off a bit of skin. Pairing a midriff top with high-waist bottom looks very trendy without looking trashy.

When wearing a crop top, it’s best not to show too much skin, especially when you’er going for a chic and sophisticated look. This means that your bottoms should be high-waist.

I also chose to cover up with this long boyfriend’s denim top to balance out my crop top . Lately the weather was a bit cold and windy so I need this polo to keep me warm.
My alternative way of wearing boyfriend’s denim polo.
 In choosing what to wear, Comfort is a must! 
 Pair of comfy sneakers is  my superhero. 
Rucksack and sneakers adds a kick to my get up. 

Ooops! Someone is sneaking a peek. Hi There koyang! hahahahaha


1. Midriff/Croptop- (a gift from my friend) Local Celebrity Manila-/online shop
2. Candy colored/Pastel High Waist Pants- from a boutique in 168 mall. (sorry I forgot their name) 
3. Boyfriend’s Denim polo- (thrifted) 
4. Sneakers- from a Korean store.  


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