Biker Chic

EDGY with a CAREFREE attitude- those two words represent  me. I’m not afraid to experiment with styles beyond my comfort zone when dressing up.

For today’s look, I’ll drape in boldly beautiful biker chic fashion. Biker styles have a warm place in my heart; the rebellious fashion pieces lock their places. 

 (leather ball cap+jersey midriff+leather skater skirt+suede booties +studded sling bag + sunnies=Perfect!)
I showed a bit of skin by wearing a crop top and paired with a leather skirt to maintain the biker chick look which I was going for.

Skater skirts are one of my favorites. I love that they effortlessly bring out your waistline.
Midriff tops are a big hit nowadays. I can’t get enough!!

 I threw on a denim jacket for a little vintage feel. Denim and leather go well together so you better match them up.
(PS: If you’re planning to pull off a midriff top you need to wear a jacket or a blazer over it to avoid looking too bare, especially if you’re planning to wear a pair of shorts or a skirt —like mine.)

What do you think of this look? Would you wear it?


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