The Timeless BLACK|WHITE

The weather starts to jump off to its extreme level of craziness. Unusual low temperature blankets Manila and the different parts of the country. Lately, I don’t feel like I’m working in Manila. It feels like I’m in Tagaytay because of the cold or should I say very cold weather. Brrrrr!

Cuddling sounds so good right now. We all need a bear hug. But if no one’s around to cuddle and wrap you, what would you do? 

Blazers is something you can throw up to ward off chilly weather.  It can keep you warm and stylish at the same time. It  also polish your look in an instant. 
Today, I  picked the easiest color to mix and match. Black and white are the safest, go-to color combo you can wear on your more sophisticated days. The challenge comes when different prints and cuts take over.  The styling tip is to keep everything in balance. If you’re planning to inject texture make it sure that you’ll not get drowned with it. (ex.Emboss top-Plain trousers/ Plain top-textured bottoms.) You can’t wear textured top to textured bottoms.Remember the Plain to textured or textured to plain “rule” to keep the simplicity. Again, avoid textured over textured most especially when they have  different prints. (just a piece of advice)
 Black + white always makes a clean, sophisticated look
LESS is just MORE. Styling minimal pieces is a challenge I love to do. I always start  from the top with neat, pulled up hair. Next, will be accessorizing myself with timeless gold pieces. 
There are times that I’m too lazy to put on and wear makeup. My perfect go-to buddy on those days is my black sunnies.
What do you think of this look? Would you wear it?

photograped by my Babe: Honey Ramos
My Ultimate proofreader.


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