Sail with me

Ahoy, There! Summer is just around the corner. I’m a summer kind of girl. I crave for  the smell of the warm sea breeze, the sound of crashing waves and the soft sand, squishing it between my toes. My body is here but my mind is at the beach. T.T 
I can’t wait for the summer 2014 to officially start. Ahhhhhhhh!

 Trends come and go but if there was one trend that isn’t being left high and dry, it’s nautical fashion. We all know it’s been around forever.It seems to make a comeback every summer — with no plans of going out of style.It never goes out of fashion and you will notice it everywhere around you. 

For my nautical ensemble, I paired up my collared anchor top with a baggy and slouchy trouser. I enjoy comfort, but not willing to sacrifice style. If you’re like me, baggy fashions are for us. Relaxed fashion includes slouchy garments and over-sized apparels. They are made for  functionality and style. You can wear it in any season and occasion of the year. You’ll never go wrong if you’ll match up nautical and relaxed/baggy fashion. It’s a perfect combo for summer.

I slipped into some heels to elongate my legs, which will add length to balance out the width of my baggy or slouchy pants. I tried chunky heels with my trouser and it worked well.

I finished off my ensemble by adding this over-sized envelope clutch.

Create your perfect summer seaside look.Here are some ‘ideas’ for a  nautical ensemble. 

Let your fine fashion sense set sail!



Photos by: 

Caoly Kaw Oliy Caloy

“a moment it exist” 
I’ve been blessed to have another talented photographer friend. Kuya Caoly is an overseas worker in middle east like my dad. He’s working as a multimedia artist. He’s the one who made my bstyled logo.

 Whoooo! After three years our dream shoot together finally came true.

Thank you kuya Cao from the bottom of my style! Bon voyage. Godbless your trip on Friday! See you next year. More shoots to come. 😉


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