Hi there lovely stylers! I’m back and alive again. I really missed blogging. Got a blogger problem lately, no photog. so heartbreaking. T.T It’s been a while since the last time I updated my blog. I’m hoping that you miss it too. Anyway, here’s my catch up post, I hope you like it. :*
Two weeks ago a very close friend of mine asked me to do a favor. He wanted me to be part of a TVC as their output for there finals. Of course I said Yes, who am I to turn it down. The offer is from a great man, so why not. From that day on I got so excited coz knowing him for a very long time, his creative sense, juices and eye, it’s a great privilege for me to work with him. 
It was my first to film a video.  I was a bit nervous at first. But because I’m working with my friend and his classmates that never made me feel that I’m different from them, I felt so at ease in the latter part of the shoot.
Vividium from the word Vivid meaning producing powerful feelings or strong, clear images in the mind.
Part of understanding fashion is knowing how to throw together an outfit that’ll take you everywhere. Outfit that is so versatile, that you can wear anywhere you  want to go. The theme for this shoot is laid back, wearing clothes that you’re comfortable with but will make you fashionable at the same time. 
I bang on trend with this relaxed ensemble.  I kicked back in a jersey crop top, strappy heels and a distressed denim jeans.  Keep in mind that distressed denim can be a drop-dead gorgeous thing, but it can also give off a bit of a thrash metal vibe—eek. Do some styling trick to ensure you look chic.
Jeans win the award for wardrobe staple. Skinny, cropped or over-sized, no matter what style, jeans  have a special place in my wardrobe.  Jeans are a style saviour that are so easy to wear. Dressing them up with a pair of high heels or keep it casual with an over-sized tee.

Jeans are a simple staple that can be styled statement. Skinny or slouchy, acid wash or bleached, they’re our denim do-gooders. No wonder why I’m a denim kind of chic. 
Night or day, do your thing in denim!
What do you think of this look? Would you wear it?
Let your fine fashion set sail.
 The man behind all  my great portraits
John Joshua Pastor
 Location: Cavite State University – Indang, Cavite.
Production: VIVIDIUM © Advertising
Project: KIM Clothing 30sec. TVC/ Advertising Finals
Model: Jean Quedding Dalida
Featured Photographer: The Digital Juan ©
Director/Script/DOP: Juan Joshua Rivero Pastor
Stylist: Kim Daco
Production/Location Manager: Evangeline Gacutan Ajero
Production Team: Carlo Jay Frias Ruiz. Yhllor Custado, Monique Carr Apostol Bolilan


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