Beat the heat

Sun is shining bright. The long wait to hit the beach is over. After almost a year of  craving for the smell of the warm sea breeze, sound of crashing waves and the soft sand. Ahhhhh!Finally!!! I was so eager for this long awaited summer mini vacay to begin (longing to be in relaxation mode).  Finally it came. Two days ago I were in a place where I called home. The beach/Sea. I’m definitely a beach babe. There’s something in it that I can’t resist.
Summer is the best time to be adventurous with your outfits! You can wear whatever you want as long as you’re comfortable wearing it. I love dressing up in Summer because there’s no restrictions with colors and prints. The brighter and the louder ensembles, the better.
  I paired up my neon green bandeau with a high waist denim shorts. Denim shorts are a go-to piece that’s perfect to wear in Summer, they are a no-brainer! They’re just as versatile as pants but with a more relaxed, summer feel. Whether you pair them with a lightweight crop top or a fringe bandeau, it won’t let you down.
Summer is the perfect time to bring out all your hats. It shields our face from the harmful UV rays but it can also instantly up the ante of your summer attire.
 Last but not the least, my favorite piece the heart shaped sunnies. Every style setter must have  an eye-catchingly and unique pair of sunnies.
Floppy Hat-Divi| Heart Shape Sunnies-Divi| Neon Bandeau-Divi| Highwaist Denim-Thrifted| Flats-Sm Solemate
I am a huge fan and supporter of shopping local. I love stores that offers affordable yet unique and hard to find pieces.
 Summer getaway won’t be complete without my favorite buddies in life.
 Oh t’was for the sake of a good creative photo. Haha (so let’s define effort! )
 Happy Summer Everyone!
Stay tuned for more.
Thanks for dropping by.
Let your fine fashion set sail.

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