Sweet Sunshiny Escape

What summer means to me… Well, it’s hard to say. It’s hard to think about it when there’s so much to say.  Summer means, making memories and soaking up every sunshiny moment.  It is the time of the year perfect for lazing around, getting a tan or visiting places without worrying for turbulent seas or crazy weather. It is the ultimate time for bonding and relaxation. In short, summer is fun and just having plain fun! 
Summer is the best time to be playful and be adventurous with your outfits. Colorful bikinis and playful prints were staples. Here’s an outfit I wore to the beach last weekend.
Beating the scorching heat with my palm Bikini.
Here’s my sissy sporting her Bikini and my mullet skirt. Matchy-matchy ensemble.

My girl sporting her bandeau and skirt. Simply stylish! 

Girls of the same style walk the beach runway together.  

**Travelling with your girls and love would be the best thing you ever do**

Of course I had to take a picture of our hunky photographer… 

Hat- Japanese store(thrifted)
Rabbit-semi gladiator (thrifted)
**I’m an ultimate penny pinching stylist **


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