Review: Avon Ceramic Tourmaline Electric Hair Curler

(My first attempt to write a review blog . Please bear with me. )
Price: P879.00
Where to buy: Available via your trusted Avon Lady

 I recently just bought a new curling iron . It’s the Avon Ceramic Tourmaline Electric Hair Curler. When I first saw it in the brochure there’s a big question that popped into my head: “WHAT IS TOURMALINE? /too r-muh-lin, -leen/ .” Tourmaline gems is a semi-precious mineral stone well known for its incredible ability to aid in the detoxification process of the human body. It is one of only a handful of minerals that have the ability to emit negative ions and far-infrared rays.  Ceramic and tourmaline technology leave hair smooth, shiny and full of bounce and avoid hair damages. (yea! Perfect for damaged hair. haha) It works pretty good, and it only takes me a very short amount of time to get big loose curls. 

  Specs: On/Off switch with LED light indication, 220V, 335mm L x34mm W

One of the most important features of this curler is its On/Off switch because it allows you to stop the device quickly once it turns very hot.  It is not like the usual curler  without a switch that you will pull the cord out of the electric socket just to unplug. The switch will do it for you. (wow!)


It’s the moment of truth. Let’s see what this curling iron can do.
After curling the hair out and away from my face, all the way up to the root and holding up to 10-15 sec. Here’s the result:


 I love it. It works really well. It gives soft and sexy waves.
{I’m totally in love with it, I recommend purchasing it}

If you’re looking for an an affordable curling iron that won’t break or break your bank Avon Ceramic Tourmaline Electric Hair Curler is the best for you. For all the thrift  savvy out there who wants to have decent electric hair tools visit the Avon outlet near you or look for a trusted Avon lady.

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