Bright seashell on the hall

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As lazy summer days come to an end and studious new beginnings await, now is the time to gear up and revamp our *Back-to-school* wardrobe.  Hide your summer staples for the meanwhile and bring out your laid-back yet stylish and law-abiding pieces for school dress code. Looking stylish but still meet the pesky school dress code is not a problem at all. ( Remember, compliance is a must. Right?) You can still rock the fashion boat with your school-appropriate outfits.

The printed shirt and brightly hued jeggings encapsulates my idealized version of Summer paradise. It inspires images of fun-filled summer,seaside and lazing on a sunny days. Let my shirt speak my mind=Sea, shell,shore. Oh take me back to the beach!  Take me to the seaside. T.T 
I let my inner *summer kind of girl* shine through without sacrificing my I.D (If you get what I mean. haha!) 
My shirt reminds me of the tongue twisted:
She  sells  seashells, By the seashore. 
The shells  she  sells, Are surely seashells. 
So if she  sells  shells, On the seashore, 
I’m sure she  sells, Seashore  shells.

(Got my tongue twisted here. hahaha)
1. Soft jeans, or an even softer tee, will have you stylishly roaming the halls.
2. Splashing some hue is not a bad idea at all. 
3. Finding the right footwear is must. 
4. Back to basic and do some uber stylish twist.
My ensembles:
Over sized shirt- Thrifted
Valentino inspired studded sandals-Thrifted
Jeggings- Glitz and Glamour Shop 

Thanks for dropping by Sweeties!
Let your fashion set sail. 

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