The Sporty Chic

Wednesday(Wash-day) is a fashion day in our university.  It’s like there’s always a fashion show. Here’s my OOTD last wash day. I flaunted a sporty look with a little bit of glam!

Jersey(s) , sneakers and baseball cap are not only meant for the gym or sports field.  You can spot it everywhere now. Sporty chic or sport-luxe  is one of my favorite trend these days. It is one of the major trend that mixes comfort with style. It can be flexible, flattering and comfy at the same time.
What a perfect collaboration of the sport and style world.

Bstyled says: Don’t overdose with sporty pieces. In sporting this trend make it sure that your Chic is more than your sport. Avoid looking too sporty, mix it well with your chic. 

 Phillies jersey is available online. I just saw it from polyvore. ( The original price is 3680 php and now down to 1,105 php. Oh by the way, I got mine from a thrifty shop for only 150php. Whaaat a steal!right? I’m happy and proud thrift-er here! 
**Ways how to style your Phillies on field jersey from POLYVORE.COM**

Style 1: Cher Lloyd inspired. Denim shorts and simple tie or you can tuck your jersey.
2. White crop top, high waist pair of shorts and your jersey as a cover up. 
 3. Jersey + black jeans and finish up this combo with your timber.

I like to find the beauty in the ugly. I’m definitely a thrift gal. You can only find amazing one-of-a kind pieces at terrific prices at a thrifty shops!
Love, The Skinniest Jean

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