Schizophrenic Weather Getup

         Most of  us hates how unpredictable weather swings from June to October. It’s so schizophrenic. We experience wet and stormy to bright and sunny, all within same 24 hrs. This kind of day definitely makes us too lazy to get dressed. If we could only throw our pj’s and over-sized shirts or wear anything without mix and matching. haha! That kind of laziness. (sobrang nakakatamad.laziness overrrrload) But there’s always a style saver. Punch and give a nice kick that crazy weather by  pulling off  your double duty ensembles. 

Here’s mine: Denim Jacket with detachable sleeves + Leather skirt. Cozy combo that you can wear for days with both wet and sunny weather. 

I scored this denim jacket with detachable sleeves for only 300 php. What a steal for a double purpose go-to jacket. Yaaaay! Perfect for a schizophrenic weather.  It’s too obvious that I’m crazily obsessed with denim(s). From jackets to shorts and even to denim shoes, like what I’m wearing here. (such a Denim maniac. ayt?) Hahaha  I dunno why, but denim is so me. Comfortable, pretty simple and easy. It blends and match in any ensemble that I’ll pull off. It’s so classic but still trendy. 

Thanks for dropping by.
The skinniest bstyler


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