Just a little bit of *BANG*

Aaaaand I’m back with a bang. (Kiddin) I’m so back with a new blog! Been so lazy these past few weeks. I’ve been quite busy juggling part time study with full time work. Few  more weeks to go and this semester will be over. Yey! Can’t believe time flies so fast and just  two weeks from now September is over. I can’t believe that it flown just like that. October is fast approaching  Thirdie and I been waiting for it every year. But this year will be so special we’ll be celebrating our 3rd year anniversary being a “magjowa”.  3 years but I feel like it was just yesterday, tho. (haha!) Nuuux! 

The weeklong celebration of student’s week started last Tuesday.  For me it will be just like an ordinary week in the university. But there’s something I like about it. Student who aren’t so active in participating in some scheduled events/programs (I’m referring to my self, tho) can just celebrate by strutting their OOTD’s for a week. 

I fancied wearing a casual and carefree look, opting for my jersey like top. I rocked my white canvas shoes and my forever 21 pencil skirt.

I added a bit of bang with my dad’s old school Ray ban aviator that’s older than me. My was so maporma when he was young too. Like daughter, like fathers! Woops! Like father, like daughter. Hahaha

Denim Jacket: Thrifted/ Jersey top: DV/ Skirt: Forever21/ Canvass shoes: Thrifted


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