Why you gotta be so rude?

What are you going to do if someone tells you: “You’re still pretty but you look stupid! Stay away from losers?”-Unknown

    Me:     I did the right choice then..

If only I knew where you at. I’d rush over you and punch you in the face. Seriously. I would punch you in the face and get  some ice cream.
I’d just punch you accidentally but on purpose.

Why you gotta be so rude?????-Magic

Happy Wednesday Lovies! Hump day! I wore something “Tomboyish” for two consecutive  Wednesdays already.  I always go to effortless yet stylish look these past few days and I dunno why. Ahhh. I’m just too lazy to think and to mix and match! Lazy bum. hahaha I’m lazy forevs but I make it sure that laziness won’t rule over my style. I don’t sacrifice style for comfort and comfort for style. I always consider both elements with the pieces that I’m going to put on. Comfort and style together is always a perfection.

Shirt: DV

 Skirt: DV
Plaid button down: Thrifty shop.

SNEAKERS: DV(korean-brand)
Thanks for browsing.

The Skinniest,



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