Newbie to #F21xPhFw

 I attended my first ever “legit” fashion show a week ago. My first, but definitely not my last.  I’ve been waiting for this all my life. I have been in love in  fashion for as long as I can remember and to see a fashion show, to see it LIVE is one of my greatest dream. Who wouldn’t love and dream about it if you’re a fashion enthusiast? right? 

Ph Fashion week is the country’s biggest bi-annual fashion event. It is when all  trendsetters redefines what it means to be fashionable. All lovely and fashionable head turner ladies and gents gathered in one event to heads up  on  the trends they will score and strut on the next season.


Forever21 show  was amazing. It was a great experience to see it live. They did a good job for the comeback on PhFweek’s runway.  They showcased four  different trends of clothing: Modern Monochrome, New Bohemian, University Chic and Brit Street!

Fashion week is not just about strutting or flaunting how stylish or fashionable you are. It allows you and all bloggers to network, connect and make new friends within the fashion baskets  full of fashion lovers in the latest trends.

Being friendly and outgoing would help you survive the battle during fashion week. Let’s face it——– being alone for the waiting game before the show begins is No easy task.  I take pleasure in meeting new amazing people so as a result I met new friends. Not just one or two but I met a bunch of new friends. 

Here are my new found friends, strutting their OOTDs.


If you’re a newbie to Fashion week, this is all you need to remember: BE yourself and make the most of it. Let all the stylish folks see the style you’ve got, style that comes from within you.

Details of my outfit will be up on the blog soon. 

Thanks for reading! 


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