DYINGGGGGGGGGGG! I’m so incredibly happy  and thrilled to announce that I’m part of AIESEC Global Runway with guest celebrity  stylist Kaye Awatin of thestyleflux.blogspot.com/ and guest celebrity model Katarina Rodriguez, finalist of Asia’s Next Top Model. 
When I posted this ad on Facebook, a friend of mine asked me if  I’m going to walk the runway. No! No! I’m not a model here. (How I wish, I am!hahaha) I won’t walk, but my task is a lot more exciting and fun than gracing the runway. This time I’ll be working behind the scene and I know that it will be a load of fun. I’ll be one of the wardrobe stylists for the show! Wooohooooooo! It was a dream come true! I’m so thankful and honoured to have this opportunity. Ahhhhh! I’ ll also be working with Bryan Sochayseng my co-stylist. We’re both excited for the big event! First timer, alert. 

Set your eyes on the runway as AIESEC invites  you to witness a glimpse of the world’s culture through presenting a series  of collection that is being worn around the globe!
AIESEC Global Runway is the biggest fashion show to happen in DLSU-D with lots of surprises from its  partner brands! This is an event you wouldn’t dare miss!
Please do support #AIESECGlobalRunway
Score invites from AIESEC’s official members or order online:
Oh, by the way, maybe a lot of you might be asking what is AIESEC? It is actually a youth driven organization that promotes leadership through exchange programs or in simpler terms, by sending students from our countries across the world.
To my fellow Lasallian, if you want to be exposed to limitless opportunities  across the world, be part of the growing family of AISEC DLSU-D. They are looking for people who are willing  to go across borders and transform lives.  Grab the opportunity and make a change.  

Find out more about AIESEC DLSU-D by liking them on Facebook and following them on Instagram or you can visit them on the CTHM courtyard and  Salrial Hall on the 5th of December, Friday.

Hope to see you all on the big day! 


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