Black is Back

But I found some time to make a new outfit post. Yey! Finally. Cold and wet season is here. It’s that time once again when our heart turns to the undeniable infinite love of sweaters. 12 days before Christmas (Ho!Ho!Ho! ~Santa!) and it’s getting cold. Oh! thanks to that! I have a glorious excuse wearing plush over-sized sweater. 
There’s nothing like a good over-sized sweater for those cold mornings and evenings of December. For this ensemble, I paired up my favorite sweater to a pleated leather skirt. I decided to go for black pieces to give a little of edgy and gothic twist. I dunno why I’ve a soft spot for black lately,  black top, bottoms, bags, EVERYTHING black.

Hair tied up.Chillin with no  make up on.
If there’s one thing I love about sweater, it’s definitely the versatility it gives. You can be preppy, edgy, a totally chic, sporty and feminine. There are so many ways to look very stylish with your sweaters. Just learn how to play the game: mix-and-matching.
I dressed up this total look by tying my hair up and by slipping on a touch of tan pointed  shoes. I totally love it. You’ll never go wrong in this outfit combo. 
Take your sweaters out of your wardrobe and start styling your look for a month that brings good cheers and happiness to millions across the world ~December.
~Thanks for reading. Next post will be up next week.

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