In fashion, black is still the new black. It never gets old and it will never go out of style.  Trends are the sort of thing that come and go, we all know that but the old black is still very much with us. Fashion sea of trends may have brightened up a bit, colour blocking or floral prints floating by on the surface current but underneath is a darker tide that pulls us back towards black. If you want to remain forever in vogue, you need to wear  lots of black.55% of my wardrobe is Black.  Black is so addictive! I tried Head-to-toe-black ensemble and I died. I so loveeeeeeet!  Wearing black and darker colors is an urban uniform. No wonder why IG people are so Blackaholic.

Oh! Say bye to Sneaker wedge. Here comes the new big trend, say hello to slip-on sneakers. Slip-on sneaker is another comeback from the 90’s favored by skateboarders, grunge-lovers and now embraced by the fashion crowd.
Black is the most slimming of all colors flattering. You can wear black at any time. You can wear it at an age. You can wear  it an age. You can wear it for almost any occasion. I could write a book about black. ~ Christian Dior.
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