Denim Duo

Student’s week in our university is over! Back to reality and school grind again. We celebrated Lasallian festival last week, February 16-21. It was a weeklong event packed with collegiate and institutional activities. Meaning no classes for the whole week. Wohoooo! I didn’t attend or join any activities during the festival, but I really enjoyed it! Because.. Because.. Because.. I have much time to do outfit posts and I don’t need to worry about school stuffs.
  My semester in college is almost over, and finals are just around the corner. So before I place myself on a semi-hiatus, let me share this denim ensemble to you lovies.
Denim has become a modern-day closet staple for everyone. It is  timeless. The styling possibilities of it are virtually endless. You can never go wrong with it. It matches and go with everything.
 I doubled up on my denim because I strongly believe that twice as much denim is twice as good. Fashion rules are meant to be broken and that includes wearing denim on denim.
 I paired up my denim top and jacket with a pair of distressed denim jeans for an easy outfit. I added sophisticated heels  to look very glam and swiped of lipstick for an extra polish.
How can you dress it down?
For a casual  look, put on  a pair of sneakers and give them a kick.
Top- H&M |Denim Jacket Thrifted(similar here Denim|Distressed Denim -Kirin2|Slip ons -Korean Shop (similar here Sneakers)
Style this duo and give your own go!
Thanks for dropping by.
Let your fine fashion set sail.

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