Seize the Summer

It’s the time of the year again. My heart is jumping. I’m exhilarated and excited, all at the same time.
The blue sky and the sun beating down hard outside is nature’s way of reminding me that my favorite season is just around the corner. Two more weeks and I’m done with the finals. Few more days before I break up and bid farewell to school requirements, home works and all! Oh please, fast-forward to Summer! I can’t wait to free my wild gypsy soul.

I love Summer, and I know we all do. I love everything about it, EVERYTHING! Yes, even the sun.  Temperature starting to blaze out as summer kicks in. As temperature changes, beauty skin care should too. Protect your skin from the warm, humid and sunny month ahead.
   If you’re gearing up a week of fun and sun don’t forget to have some space for the new summer must-have: Vaseline’s Water-Based Serum.  If you hate skin damage plus sticky feeling from thick sunscreens, Vaseline’s new Water-Based Serum is perfect for you. It will protect your skin from harsh rays of the sun while still feeling fresh and light.
Vaseline’s Water-Based Serum has a non-sticky formula that is easily absorbed by the skin; has SPF30 that provides up to 96% protection from UVB rays that cause skin damage & sunburn; has PA++ that protects against UVA rays of the sun that cause ageing & skin darkening; and lastly, it has Vitamin B3 that whitens skin with continued use.
The NEW Vaseline Water-Based Whitening Serum is now available in all stores in the Philippines and retails at PHP 249.00 for 180mL and PHP 99.00 for 70mL.
Want to WIN a trip to BALI? Click #seizethesummer to find out more.
With @vaselineph water-based Serum, I will #SeizeTheSummer by soaking up some rays with my friends!!!  #TeamSoakUp
|Top- Toona Baba Korea (similar here: Tropical Print) | Flowy Shorts-T Style Korea  (similar here: Shorts  |
How will you be spending your Summer? Snap a photo and share it . 
#SeizetheSummer #TeamSoakUp

7 thoughts on “Seize the Summer

  1. (Whoops, sorry, I accidentally deleted this comment previously, so I'm posting it again… 😛 )

    I absolutely adore your outfit, those shorts are to die for!
    I recently just started blogging again and would love it if you could check it out. I mostly post my photography right now, but am planning on dabbling into fashion soon.
    I definitely look forward to reading more of your posts, I love your style and really identify with it 🙂


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