Maricaban Island: Hidden Gem of Tingloy

Summer is here! I’m ready to go under the sun and explore.

A visit to the beach is one of  my life’s greatest pleasures. I typically enjoy a beautiful beach destination, as I find the crystal blue water and sand to be the 

most replenishing. If only traveling and going to the beach were free, you would never see me again. Haay! Beach is my slice of heaven, definitely my happy place. A place where I can run, be free and to truly embrace my solitude. 

Batangas is a popular destination for Manila-based beach bums. It’s their go-to beach for a quick and easy weekend getaway. There are so many easy access beach destinations in Batangas. Laiya, Calatagan, Matabungkay, Lobo, Nasugbo, Puerto Galera and so on. Batangas used to keep many secrets. Despite it’s numerous tourist destinations, there are still some gem kept untouched and hidden.
There’s a lot of hidden gems in Batangas. Among of its many gems, Maricaban Island (the main large island of Tingloy) in Batangas is the nearest. It just a few hours away from the metro, secluded long-stretched beach with pristine turquoise water and a beautiful sunset just like Masasa Beach in Tingloy. Maricaban remained undiscovered and  under-the-radar beach destination in the island of Tingloy.
God does not shower Maricaban island with the finest sands, but it will boast its long beach and turquoise waters. On your way to the Island, you will see pockets of white sand beaches, gorgeous rock formations, coves and endless blue waters that will tickle  your heart and the mermaid inside you. 
You will be welcomed by  a long stretch of white sand beach and crystal blue waters but also its verdant  rock formation that perfectly harmonize with the beach and the sea.
Burot, Calatagan + Masasa Beach, Tingloy = Maricaban Island. Forget about Burot and Masasa, head over to Maricaban Island for your summer seascape. Unveil the beauty of Maricaban Island. Most tourists in Anilao, reach only as far as Sombrero Island and Masasa. Maricaban stays unbothered. It is barely disturbed because most people do not know it exists. A part of selfish me wants to keep this place mine and hoping it stays uncrowded.
 If you’re looking an affordable trip  that is near the metro, Maricaban Island (the main large island of Tingloy) in Batangas is the best place that you could go to. While others headed to crowded beaches, go gaga and catch Maricaban Beach while it’s still fresh, pure and unspoiled. 

I can stay here forever.

How marvelous is it to sit on pearly sands watching the pure blue sky, without a cloud or a plane or anything across it and as you adore it, the sun’s ray’s shines down at you. But at the same time you hear the wave’s crashing into the ocean. Ahhhhhhhh! I can’t still get over it. Long term hangover.

How to get there: From Manila, take a bus to Batangas City Grand Terminal (2-3 hours, P120-P180). Take a jeepney to Anilao Port (P35) and board the passenger boat to Maricaban (P70). To make the most out of your time, try to catch the 1:00 trip. 7:00 am trip from Maricaban to Anilao. From where the boat will dock in, almost 15-minute walk to the beach through a green field to reach Tatay Oskie’s “Puting Buhok Cove”. You may also rent a private boat so you could also drop by other islands (P2500, up to 10 passengers).
Alternatively, you may rent a boat for an island-hopping tour at Anilao Port for P2500- P3500. Rate is per boat so it is to be divided by how many you are in the group. Ask your boatman to also make stops at Sombrero Island and Sepoc Point, too!


Tatay Oski” Ka Oscar” – 09496965379

Heading home is the hardest part of a seascape. 



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