Bridge by the Beach

                   It was nice to relax a little more this summer. This is the perfect time of the year to spend days by the shore and soak up under the sun. When I’m at the beach I feel almost completely at home. It’s hard to  explain why I love the beach so much. Beach is like my gate to happy land. A place where I can shut my brain thinking about  my busy life.  Everything about the beach is renewing, for  me almost like a therapy.


                   To feel the fun and fresh spirit of the summer, I sported a neoprene suit. White swimwear is definitely a must have for your next beach trip. It will surely make you stand out and will give you a super fresh look. I scored my  neoprene inspired bikinis from an online shop:Rvmped. Believe me or not it’s less than 500php. Quality is good and inexpensive!

Floppy Hat & Sunglass- SM Ladies Fashion| Cover up- Parisian| Bikini (click here-Rvmped )

We need to learn to relax, let go and enjoy life a little more. 

What’s better than being with friends? Being with friends on the beach! Oh man! That’s perfect. We had a quick summer getaway two weeks ago and exactly two weeks from now we’ll be having another trip. We’re all excited to hit the beach again and quest another secluded island. Wishing and hoping to have more beach getaways with them.




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