Quezon province is home to a lot of beaches that are still untouched and unexploited, leaving it’s natural beauty to mesmerize you. Some may not yet discover this enchanting island in Quezon. There’s so many beautiful beaches in Quezon. Cagbalete, Borawan and Kwebang lampas to name a few.

Alibijaban /’a-li-bi-ha-ban’/

You probably haven’t heard of this island, but trust me, you’ll want to see this “enchanting island” all to yourself. Just don’t bring a crowd, please.

Last year while checking out for beautiful beaches in Quezon, I stumbled across an article about the island of Alibijaban in San Andres Quezon. I died and immediately fell in love with the place. (Ps: I have always had this habit of falling in love with the place I’ve been eyeing to visit and travel to). It became on top of my list since then. My trip to Alibijaban Island has been long overdue on my summer bucket list. There are two things that hinders me from visiting the island. First my busy schedule and lastly nobody wants to come with me because it’s a 10 hours butt-numbing trip. It took me a long while to push through this trip (a year and few months to be exact) with numerous attempts asking bunch of friends willing to join Third and I until one agreed. I can’t remember how many I’ve invited and asked to join us. Last year, there’s only few blog entries you can see on the web. There’s only few posts in instagram with #Alibijaban and that made me even more excited to see and unveil the beauty it has to offer.

After a year of contemplating, finally I was able to set foot in Alibijaban last weekend. Alibijaban  is located at the tip of Quezon in San Andres, Southern part Quezon  Province known as Bondoc Peninsula, commonly known as  Bonpen.  San Andres is one of  the farthest municipality in all municipalities of Quezon from Manila.  From the San Andres port going to the island, you can already see Mt. Mayon and Burias Island in Masbate. (almost in Bicol Area)

Who wouldn’t travel far for this perfect and enchanting place? 

Intrepid travelers who make it here will be rewarded with pristine beach along sides landscapes of sandbars, rock formation and a cave. It’s a dream destination for those seeking a remote romantic getaway or an off-the-beaten path adventure. It’s not trampled with tourist. You won’t find high-end hotels or crowds here–just small bungalows and camping under the stars.
But wait! I know you’re excited. But before you start packing your bags you have to know that  traveling and commuting to the island would not be easy and smooth so expect the worst. Fill your pockets with a lot of patience. Alibijaban  is almost in Bicol area. (Oh Man! that far) Dude, piso na lang langit na! But the long and exhausted travel hours will be worthless the moment you have your first glimpse of the island. Few meter away before the boat dock the shore you can see white sand, mangroves and not far off is the green, the blue and white surrounding.
Alibijaban captured my heart(no exaggeration). It’s like a drug that made me so high and made me even more addicted to white beaches and clear bluish water. Alibijaban is a piece of paradise that awakened the mermaid inside me.

Our Alibijaban trip was one hell of a ride. 10 hours travel didn’t matter because Alibijaban gave us so much to treasure. Quite far and hard to reach, but that is really how paradise is. I still can’t get over. It was an incredible getaway from the chaos of metro. Alibijaban is worth traveling for!

I’ll come back for you! I promise! I’ll never get tired of you.

How to Get there:

From Manila, take a bus to Lucena Grand Terminal (3-4 hours, P120-P180). From Lucena, there are buses heading to San Andres, 4:30 AM to 12:00 AM (Superlines and Barney, Php 216 pesos, travel time; 5-6 hours). (Note: Bus schedules may change without notice). Then hire Tri-bike(padyak) to  Port (₱10/person) and board a private boat to island and contact kuya Randy and or his wife Jinjin 0946-7372555 and 09064357722 to fetch you in the pier. Negotiation regarding his services must be agreed, before going to Alibijaban, specially the inclusion of his service. like guiding  fee, snorkeling, and many others. (15-20 minutes travel time) (P 750, up to 4 passengers)

Entrance Fee- ₱30
Stay over night with own tent- ₱100
Stay overnight with room ₱500 (3pax)
Kubo- ₱150
Kubo with room- ₱250

Estimated Budget:

P2,500-P3,000 is more than enough for 2D/1N stay. (Safe Budget)

Other Contact:

We stayed in Ate Juliefe’s humble house. His son CJ accompanied us during the island tour. They treated us not a stranger in their house but as their own visitor. Ate Juliefe cooks very well! Best cook ever.

Homestay: P500 (room)
Island Tour/ Roundtrip Boat (Port-Island-Port): P750
Juliefe/ CJ: 09197629259

Swimwear: Eika /Sunnies: DV/Kimono: Thrifted


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