Stripe Away!

 Have you noticed the extreme heat currently being experienced in the country? According to the weather summer isn’t over just yet! Yes, you heard it right it isn’t over yet. If you’re regretting you haven’t set your foot on the beach yet, don’t be! There’s still time for a last-minute trip! So, why not  escape the heat and head over to your favorite beach out of town, relax and catch up your summer enders. Isn’t that great? Just don’t forget to dig out your sunblock because the sun is going to roast and toast you! (No Kidding! T.T)

As I’m sitting here at my desk, in front of my laptop trying out to finish this post, these photos taken a few weeks back in Fortune Island, Nasugbu are providing me with a great sense of peace and comfort. Taking exotic beach trips has always been a huge passion of mine. Finding a place where I can just go and relax  is what I always wanted. When I’m soaking up island life,  I love and enjoy  every second of it. I don’t feel like going home and if I only I could just stay forever.. I’ll stay…

ASOS Stripe Skater Dress| Solemate T-strap Sandals

Anyways, let sail the fashion sea and get to know a little about one of the summer staples.We’re talking about Nautical! Nautical look is one of the hottest styles that set sail every summer. It’s seems to make a comeback every summer — with no plans of sailing  away of style. This season, big and bold stripes are the way to go. For my look, I once again channeled my inner sailor out of me by sporting a seafaring navy nautical stripes. I focused on  jumbo stripes instead of run-of-the-mill mini ones. The nautical look is synonymous with sophistication and its elements will always effortlessly make a casual outfit look elegant.

Let your fine fashion set sail.


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