Little Shoulders to Bare

How is summer over already? It flew by warp-speed style and I’m sad to put long days by the beach wearing bikinis and endless road trips behind. It pains me to see summer slip away. But it pains me more to think that  rainy season is here already.

I hate rainy days. If you’re anything like me, you wake up on a rainy day and groan. After all, who wants to dig out an umbrella, commute in the rain, and go to work when the sky is pale and gloomy? Stormy, rainy weather was always as inconvenient and annoying to me. Wet weather really makes me sad. During long, rainy days or weeks, I feel like I’m trapped in a gray bubble of gloom. And I cheer up the moment I see the sun and the thought of summer is just few months away.

One of Summer’s hottest trend is the stylish off the shoulder top and rightfully so – taken from the 70’s they are perfect for shoulder baring without feeling like you have too much skin on show! It’s cute, sweet, flirty and girly all mixed together fun look that covers just where you want while showing off a bit of shoulder. I remember the last time I actually wore an off the shoulder top was in Elementary! It’s been that long. But these adorable tops are back and man I’m  so happy. I just love the feminine and romantic touch it can give any outfit!
Have I mentioned how obsessed with off the shoulder tops? I wore this top two days in a row and on repeat to finish of my summer-ender ensemble, but it’s just that good! I’m that obsessed with off the shoulder styles I think everything is suppose to be that style.

Midriff Off Shoulder Top + Wide Leg Palazzo Pants

The midriff off shoulders & wide leg Palazzo Pants has a classic vintage charm that will look great on you. The wide palazzo pants match wonderfully with the top and will look good anywhere you go. Just a couple of two relatively simple pieces paired together makes for a fun spring and summer look that you can wear to a fancy lunch, a day out shopping and a getaway. It is an ideal outfit for casual summer outings.
Flaunt it ladies!

Star Clozetter


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