Dig Now, Strut Later! | Ukay is OK

I’m a notorious Ukay savvy and I’m proud of it. Ukay is OK! There’s nothing wrong with it. When you do Ukay shopping it doesn’t mean you’re poor. I’m about to try and clear that up. Most people think only poor people (I don’t mean to hurt anyone.) shop at Thrift Stores. Let me shake off the stigma in thrift shopping. Believe me when I tell you that only people with creative juices and has a true fashionista heart can shop and win at thrifty store. Remember: You can always look great for less if you have the “eye” and you’re open minded. Your penny can’t define your style.


 It’s the most cost-effective way to get unique vintage clothing. It’s like treasure hunting but with clothes and you have to pay for the treasure you found. You can have a chest full of clothes and good finds in just a small amount of money.

If you’re a savvy shopper and a certified Ukayista. Be proud, your struggles and patience in digging unorganized bundles of clothes is  worth it. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Dig now, strut the runway later.  Let your fine fashion set sail.
 Here’s proof that the struggle is worth it. I found this awesome shirt dress after digging through dress section for a million years. It looks so cool, modern, wearable, I love it! And it was only P180 (haggled to P100), sweet victory!
 A shirt dress is a style of dress that borrows details from a man’s shirt.This classic piece is now back to the forefront and my favorite part of it is that, it’s a great combination of sexy and tomboy. It has the “I didn’t spend 4 hours picking out my outfit ”  look (Boyfie will throw a party!haha) and the “Hey, I still look sexy and fab”.
The Ultimate trans-seasonal look, I added a flair to the staple low-key linen shirt dress and a pair of heels uniform with a ripped and tattered jeans.This combo reflects my desire to look cool without being over-dressed or exaggerated. A dress will always and forever be the one piece wonder. Never wear your dress the same way again.

Shirt Dress-Thrifted (Ukay)| Tattered Jeans-Thrifted (Ukay)| Heels- DV (168Mall)

I encourage you to give it a first time go or a second. Stretch your peso and try thrifty shopping. It’s awesome!

Go forth and hunt treasures. 


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