The Flare Game | ‘70s Trend With Ease

Skinnies, take a seat. 

Love, Flare!

Skinny jeans move back. Please give way to the unsung hero of the denim world. For the last few years denim world has been dominated of skinny silhouettes. Skinny jeans have stayed on top for so long. I never thought I’d see so many stylish women abandoning their skinny jeans to embrace the wide-leg, the bell-bottom, and the kick-flare for the last season. Yes! Yes! Flares are back from the seventies with a vengeance. Flares emerged out of their cave of uncoolness to make a stand once again, trouncing down the runways and on the streets on the legs of editors, bloggers and street style stars.
If you’re a skinny-leg loyalist, if you’ve put Flares in a no-go zone because you think they’ll be unflattering or hard to pull of, let me explain: bells help elongate your stems, especially with higher waists and platforms, so you’ll look extra lean. The ultimate leg-lengthener. It balance hips and flatters every figure.
But of course some styling tricks are required: You have to be aware of your waist. Don’t pair it overly long tops and a heel, a pair of wedges or platform clogs really takes the leg-lengthening aspect to your height. Flared jeans is about dressing like you mean it. It’s not about lazy dressing.
I’m skinny and petite (ever since!Boo!) so proportion is everything. I’ve seen slimming capabilities of flare jeans. It will make me look extra thin (though, I’m super thin already!haa!) and I don’t want that. I added a a sleek striped crop top to create an illusion of a wider upper half.

Cropped Sweater-H&M| Flare Jeans-Gap

From Victoria Beckham and Nicole Richie to Local celebrities and tons of our favorite style bloggers, we found tons of flare-kick inspiration that will make you  switch things up and  put your skinny jeans to rest.
 If your skinnies are made to blend in, flares are made to stand out.
So do yourself a favor and try flared jeans!

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