Shift Dress | Hero Dress

08-04 LS-4 If you wake up feeling ‘blue’blah,’ unattractive or out of sorts, what do you do? I’ll be honest: I would rather sit around my house, cling to the edge of my bed and do nothing than go out in something uncomfortable. I sometimes give in to my feelings and just accept that  I’m going to have a lousy and sluggish day. (Such a lazy bum!) Anyways, it’s just a feeling so we can still make an effort to turn our day around for the better.08-04 P-05 08-04 P-02 Dressing up has proven to have the ability to boost our mood and overall confidence. Instead of leaving the house in a wrinkled top, stretched out jeans and shaggy, let a shift dress save you from dressing and looking like a “Blah”. Get the extra comfy look in a simple silhouette with a hot shift dress. It is the easiest thing in the world. It looks sleek and tailored without actually being restrictive. You can easily slip into it and instantly score a triple chic points. I paired it up with my cool kicks to get that cozy appeal. 08-04 P-04

“Easy on, Easy off” is my new fashion mantra. Screw buttons, hooks, and snaps. If I can’t pull it on and off in under three seconds, I’m not going to want to wear it. A shift dress is perfect for  those “days when you just wake up and feel completely feeling blah”.

At the end of the rainbow lies a hero dress!

“Shift dress”


starClozetters-animated-badge-r1 (1)


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