Smart Twist: Blazer


Blazers can bring a smart twist to any look and marvels to give a show stopping power.

We all have that go-to blazers we can’t wait to start wearing, and for me, it’s a classic blue Double-breasted Crepe Sleeveless Blazers that makes me feel impossibly chic every time I put it on. Blazers are a wardrobe staple favoured by the fashion mobs, giving that ultimate finishing touch to any outfit day or night. Blazers complete any look and keep your look conversational to tailored to twin sets fit for this year’s fave co-ords or “white on white” trend.


If you don’t own one, I suggest you invest now. There are tons of blazers in thrifty shops near you if you don’t want to spend much. Look for versions that are timeless—after all, it’s going to be the centerpiece of your outfit—and don’t be afraid to get creative and do magic with an old one you have in your closet by swapping out the buttons, or having your tailor chop  the sleeves. Just like what I did. I altered and cut the sleeves to achieve a blaze of glory in sharp and textured sleeveless blazers.


I layered this sleeveless blue blazers to bring a smart twist to my daytime white on white combo and marvels to give a show stopping power ; my ordinary ensemble looking extraordinary. I also bravely lace up my knee-high gladiator sandals to reach higher ground. Gladiator don’t overwhelm simple outfit. Perfect!


Last Saturday I attended Gathergram. It is the biggest IG meet up fair in the Metro. All lovely and fashionable head turner ladies and gents from your favorite site instagram gathered in one event. It’s like a big meet and greet event of all your favorite “instagrammers”, bloggers and insta-shops. It allows IG world and all bloggers to network, connect and make new friends within the fashion plate full of fashion lovers in latest trends. Of course I didn’t miss it, I was present at the event and got a goodnews that thrilled and made me so happy. For now, I’ll keep it myself and will announce it once it official!


Gathering all the instagrammers plus the clozetters is like having a fashion buffet filled with stunning OOTD dishes in the menu. The crowd were all strutting and flaunting their fashionable and stylish OOTDs.

(Double-breasted Crepe Blazers- Thrifted/Altered| Bra let top-Rvmped by Danica| Shorts-Thrifted| Gladiator – Etsy Manila)

(c) Max Reginales

(c) Frame Rivas

The Rockin Burger in Town | BROCKS BURGER


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