Running Late!


If you hate getting up in the morning as much I do.

Stop, right there!


I know we all have days when we’re running behind. We constantly hit the snooze button in the morning and get out of bed at the last minute as possible. One of the worse things ever is being rushed in the morning while trying to get ready for school/work. Ahhhhhh! Stressful!


 If you are running around like a crazy person trying to get on an outfit  and make it out the door on time. Stop, right there! Stop throwing random pieces that doesn’t compliment each other coz you’ll end up looking like a Bum. Here’s a simple and easy outfit to throw when you slept through your alarm and you’re running late for school! The “I literally had no idea it was Monday” look features some basic pieces we all have in our closet.  A combo of statement tee, classic button down denim skirt, and a pair of slip-on sneakers. It’s  an effortless and a no-brainer ensemble, perfect for those ‘running late’ moments.


To the “OMG, my hair looks like sh*t!” rescue: a hat. It’s the simplest way to hide your bad hair. According to your style you can choose any hat you like. A baseball hat is suitable for sportswear and if you are going to wear a sporty outfit, then try to match a cool cap with it. ( like what I have in my sporty ensemble.) In this case you can leave your hair down.You’ll not only cover your hair but also look stylish wearing a hat.


New York Yankee Baseball Hat|Tee-Thrifted| Button Down Skirt-Thrifted

Slip-On Sneakers-Thrifted

I hope this outfit have helped you keep things  in mind for those crazy and late mornings.

What is your running late default outfit on chaotic mornings?


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