Fierce Confidence | LBD x Knee High Gladiator

09-02 LS-05

Don’t let anyone or anything shut you up or shut you down!

09-02 LS-01

If you ever want to do anything great with your life, you have to avoid all negative people. Don’t let their negativity knock you down. They don’t help you. They don’t make you stronger. They take away and snatch your sense of BRAVE and PROUD. Their number one goal is to SHUT YOU DOWN! And for no reason other than because they are negative.  It has nothing to do with you. Nothing is perfect, and their nature makes them react NEGATIVELY to everything. They will tell you, you’re not good enough,your ugly or skinny, or fat or you wouldn’t make it. If you fall into their doom, it will slowly disarm you. Negativity will destroy and limit you.

09-02 LS-06
Cut and drop negative people in the circle of your life.

Anyone can have fierce confidence – just love yourself! Fix anything that’s stopping you!

09-02 LS-02

Easy and elegant, a little black dress (LBD) is an essential wardrobe piece. It is ultimate symbol of sartorial seamlessness and a worthy wardrobe investment.  It never goes out of fashion and will be your BFF for years to come. There’s no more versatile piece of clothing. It’s just the ticket to instant style, just  accessorize and add a statement and you’re ready to go.


The little black dress isn’t limited to evenings out. Who says you have to look sloppy when running weekend errands? Throwing on a cute, black casual dress during the day simply elevates your look when you’re feeling low-key. No matter where you’re going, there’s sure to be a perfect little black dress for the occasion.


My LBD dress may be feminine and sweet, but my shoes tells everyone I mean business. These gladiator sandals complete my look in a way that no other minimal pair of sandals could.

09-02 LS-07

LBD with Mesh Sleeves -Thrifted | Knee High Gladiator- Etsy Manila

Knee-high gladiator sandals are not only a great way to wear black in the summer, but they’re also the perfect way to add a bit of dimension and interest. The key to styling these sandals is to pair them with simple minis, dresses, or shorts so they don’t overwhelm your outfit.


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