ShopBack|Shop+Earn ’til You Drop!

Online shopping is becoming a hot trend these days. The reason is simple and straight-forward – The tempo of life is faster and there’s a need to save time. Online shopping allows you to switch stores and products within a very short duration of time to compare costs, quality, service and other relevant aspects and decide which the best option is.

This is very difficult to do if you have to visit each of the retailers individually. It involves burning a lot of fuel traveling all over the metro, staying cool and calm in the perpetual bumper to bumper traffic and finally the cherry on the cake is searching for parking space once you get there! (The struggle is real! The struggle is real! The struggle is real!)


If you already love shopping online, you need to know about the site I surely wish I’d known about–and started using–a long,long,long time ago. I feel bad– I didn’t know I could get cash back on nearly every online purchase and some in-store purchases too! Yes, you heard it right – shop online ’til you drop, and get your cash back.  How is it possible? You burn it and you’ll earn it back?  Well, that is a reality when you shop online using a SHOPBACK.




The concept is simple,instead of going directly to a retailer’s online store (ex. Lazada, Zalora) to shop, you go to SHOPBACK website. There, you click on the merchant’s link (assuming the store you’re looking for is on the list) and purchase products. Users register and are returned a percentage of what they spend via check or PayPal. (ShopBack site gets a commission for bringing customers to merchants’ sites, which is how they can afford to give you some of your money back. Legit!)

1.SIGN UP   

There are two ways to register and set up an account.. (via Facebook and email address)

Find the list of merchants and the discounts they are prepared to offer, with a click-through link to them. For example, to access Zalora discount codes and get cashback, click here!




Shop normally at the retailer that you click through to, and Checkout as you normally would.



After you have made a purchase, the retailer records it on your account in ShopBack, and sends it the discount. If you did everything right, you will soon have cash back (your cut) direct into your nominated bank or PayPal account.


If you make online purchases, get in the habit of going through ShopBack every time. Every little bit adds up! Every penny  and discounts matter.

I love ShopBack because it is the easiest way to save even more money while shopping online! I can shop till I drop without hurting my bank. There are no coupons, no codes, no hassles! All I have to do is remember to shop through ShopBack. Then in a few days to a few weeks, I will have cash in my account! It’s really that simple! Easy like 1.2.3 And it’s all FREE. Getting cash back is such a smart way to save and make money online.

What are you waiting for? Start shopping with ShopBack today.


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