Short Hair is the New Black

Long hair is beautiful, artistic, and exciting.  It is known for its versatility, always allowing for a multitude of styles from simple to elaborate. Short hair, on the other hand, often gets a bad reputation for being boring, ordinary, and restrictive.  People often note, sometimes with disdain, that short hair styles on women looks unattractive, dull, ugly, bothersome, and devastating. (Girls, don’t buy it!)  Don’t let those judgment get in your way! Long hair is feminine but it is not necessarily beautiful unless it is healthy and glossy and it suits you. Looking the same with your long and thick hair for decades is boring, dated and unstylish. The hottest short hairstyles of the moment are edgier and more modern than in years past. The shorter, choppier version of the classic short hairstyle feels fresher right now. Changing looks and experimenting with styles is innate with us, it’s in our nature to reinvent.


 I’m all about empowering women to embrace short hair with all its fierceness and femininity. 

 Every woman should get a dramatic haircut at least once. If you’re fantasizing of having a shorter hair, GO for it! You should totally chop off all your hair. No if(s )and but(s), cut it short, and when you’re ready make it even shorter. Short hair won’t make you any less attractive. You can make this change now and it will not permanently alter you.


You can play around with short hair in many ways but here’s my favorite: wavy, loose curl look. I like that it feels soft and feminine, the curls are loose, it’s not as dressy, and you can wear it with jeans t-shirt combo and any basic pieces as well. It’s like the perfect cross between beachy waves and mermaid wave hairstyle, and it’s probably what I get asked about most around town or online. The secret is that it’s actually a really easy hairstyle to achieve.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

You can totally recreate it yourself at home. You just need to have a right hair tool. I’m super glad that I got mine  from Lazada through ShopBack for cashback! (Money wise) Jun Long JJ-928 Professional Hairdress Hair Curling Iron (Pink) is perfect for all hair types.This Triple Barrel Hair Curler features 3 x 25mm barrels to style large sections of your hair in a shorter amount of the time.The smooth ceramic barrel and instant heating closes the cuticle of your hair for longer lasting style with smoother curls.For added ease of use, this Triple Barrel features a spring loaded handle, dual voltage and a temperature display.

To use, divide your hair into sections and spray with a heat protectant spray. Clamp your hair between the plates starting 1 inch from the scalp and hold for 5 seconds, repeat this process down the length of your hair to the ends. To ensure your curls are continuous, place the first barrel into the last wave of your hair. Once finished, lightly comb through your hair and finish with a light spritz of hairspray.


I hope you try this hair style. And I’d love to see the result!


PS: If you guys haven’t tried ShopBack yet, you should definitely check out my blog review about it. (Link here.) I was able to navigate through the site without any problem. My online purchase was finished in no time. I even managed to save some money through the cashback and coupon codes for Lazada. Everything was clear from start to finish and in couple days I got my hair barrel curling iron right in front my door.




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