Swinging into the Classics

09-09 LS-2

The ’70s,’80s and ’90s trend has slowly been creeping up on us and there’s no stopping it. They are back in a big way. Suddenly, styles from the three powerhouse era of fashion is being re-assessed in a love affair even more intense the second time around. The outfits our moms wore yesterday are making a comeback.

09-09 LS-3I’m swinging into classic stylin’ lately. I’m into pieces that always flatters, never out of style, and always tasteful.  These are the pieces that will surely stood the test of time regardless of the year, trend, or supermodel in fashion. Classic wardrobes are in fashion no matter what the current trends are. It conjures up visions of timeless closet staples.

An essential classic 90s style, this cute crop top has my heart pounding endlessly. A bold piece on a simple cut, it features a striped cream, orange and brown print. Teamed up  with  a pair of ’80s high waisted chic petite cigarette trousers. I let the nude effect took over my style and squeeze these minimal pair of trousers into one hot piece. I finished it with a nude heels for an effortless stand out styling.

09-09 LS-1

A Classic style is the basis of chic fashion.  It will not only help you build a wardrobe that’s always in style,

but the key pieces will also save you from spending thousands on needless clothing.

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