Skirting the Issue


Oh Dear! Please cancel my subscription to your issues.


The passing of a year can bring a marked change in the weather and the surrounding environment. We live in  the tropics so we don’t experience seasonal weather changes as much as others in the Western and Northern hemisphere do. It’s naturally warm and humid in Philippines.  Oh why we can’t have four seasons. I just wish that the heat should try to leave us alone even just for a while.


We may not live in temperate climates and even there is no changes to dictate that warmer clothes are necessary, and the need for change in wardrobes is real, we can still enjoy the change in focus of style and fashion trends. The weather here in the Philippines isn’t going to change and may not bring us seasonal changes any time soon.  I might as well just take inspiration from  seasons somewhere in the West or up North and translate them into clothes perfect  for the tropics. fallIt’s not that hard to channel cold weather looks even in a tropical country!  It’s all about choosing the right pieces and knowing how to mix and match fall/winter favorites to make your outfit work in a not-so-cold environment. Choose something light and versatile. You can never go wrong with the usual suspects such as black, white or gray. Basic hues such as red, navy blue, dark brown, and tan are also good choices. Here’s my skirting the issue outfit of the day, inspired by the beautiful wine colors of Fall. Enjoy!


As you can wear the maxi skirts all year round no matter what the weather may or may not be doing, this season, give your beloved minis a break and opt for maxis that are both big in comfort and long on style.Knowing how versatile and fabulous the maxi skirt is, without a doubt, this fashion staple is indeed one of the most timeless trends that never goes out of style for years to come. Dress it up with  long-sleeved cropped tee. Finish it off with a sandals to add some height to the refreshing floor-dusting silhouette.


IMG_0441   Cropped top- Forever 21 | Skirt-thrifted | Heels- Zara


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