Style Duets: Twinning

IMG_9857 copy

When it comes to serious style, two is always better than one.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner does it. Hell, Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift have done it. I’m talking, of course, about dressing exactly alike. The twinning game.IMG_9865 copy

I’ve spotted out Celebrities and icons matching their outfits with their nearest and dearest. It seems “twinning” is everyone’s favorite game this season! The concept of dressing alike or #twinning isn’t new in the fashion world. It’s been done for years, since we were kids actually. Do you still remember your mom dressing you and your sibs with clothes equally alike? (same style and design but different in color.. **Hello Kitty in pink and blue/ Power Rangers in Red and Yellow or Blue! haha).  

IMG_9855 copy

Some people might say dressing alike is something that should stay in our primary school days. Why? I’m not so sure, but maybe it’s because they don’t find it cute or they find the concept of twinning inherently dorky. But for us, (Justine and I) nothing and nobody can stop us from emulating this trend. We came and strutted the last Blogger Babe Asia launching in Vines, Bonifacio Global in our twinning ensemble. We sport the twinnie leather overalls made by my very own Justine. ( She’s so talented! thumbs up!)IMG_9864 copy

Our friendship is fresh—but there’s an instant bond that attached us together and that’s our FAITH in Jesus Christ! She’s an answered to me. I’ve  been asking God for quite a while to lead me to people who has same interest with me. I asked Him again and made it even more specific: “Lord, please send someone across my path who will stand beside me as I ventured out into the blizzard of fashion world.”  tadaaaah!  It’s funny that we’ve met a long time ago but we just got the chance to become good friends or should I say a “blogger sister” just a month ago. God’s Perfect timing!  As the old saying goes “two heads are better than one,” a phrase that may well translate as “two outfits are better than one.”IMG_9781 copy


Let’s represent idea of strong female friendship and sisterhood. Let’s do everything together and don’t give in to the unhealthy competitive nature female companionships. Let’s support one another and look good together, let’s acknowledge that our power as individuals will also retain through our collaboration – instead of fighting for the spotlight, we will work to shine together.


Let your partner in style know how special they are…

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