Most of us follow a cleansing, toning, moisturizing routine and use sunscreens. But, our skin health is a reflection of our internal wellness. If you think your beauty creams and lotions are doing enough to keep your skin look beautiful, Oh well, think again. Recent studies  show that the real secret to healthy, young-looking and glowing skin has to start from within. There is something underneath that skin that needs nourishment as well, like our cells.The condition and appearance of our skin is key to our overall health and wellbeing. When skin is in good condition it works hard to protect our bodies from environmental stressors such as environment, daily events, life changes, workplace, diet and society. All sources of stressors can ruin our skin and results in dry and dull looking skin that seems to be shouting ‘I’m tired’! There are many factors – both internal and external – that affect skin condition and influence how it looks and feels. With so many to contend with, it is no wonder that it is so hard to maintain healthy skin. Yes! Yes! It is so hard to maintain healthy skin from the outside. If our skin looks dull, it might not only be thing that is unhealthy in us. .

Every day, our cells take on a battle against free radicals. These free radicals are the product of the stressors that surround us. If we will just let these free radicals overcome our healthy cells, tendency is we get to have undernourished skin, and we get more vulnerable to different kinds of diseases like colds, flu, other immunity-threatening diseases, and even fatal diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart problems and others.

The question is, how can we protect our cells and get to have a skin that looks fresh all the timevia? Well, the answer is just E-asy and E-ffortless to maintain! It’s through the power of vitamin E that is present in Vita-E.

ATC Healthcare International Corp. searched for the best ingredient that gives a more beautiful and fit it into one convenient capsule of Vita-E.

Vita-E contains 400 IU of vitamin E, a known antioxidant that effectively protects the cells against free radicals and gives our skin a beautiful, youthful and effortless glow.

Free radicals are molecules that harm cells and contribute to the development of conditions such as stroke and cancer which Vita-E helps to prevent. These antioxidants are also essential for the maintenance of healthy skin by protecting it from UV-induced damage. Vita-E works from the inside making you feel AND look great. Not only that Vita-E is essential in maintaining the functions of our heart, blood vessels, and nervous system, Vita-E also gives all around protection for a healthy immune system.

Can you go natural and get a great looking glow? Achieve the beautiful skin you always wanted while you protect yourself from the harmful effects of free radicals with the help of Vita-E! Vita-E is recommended to be taken one capsule per day. Vita-E is SRP P14.00 per soft gel capsule, available at Mercury Drug and all other leading drugstores nationwide.


Vita-E will be definitely a girl’s best friend as it protects your cells from the inside as it fights bad free radicals making your skin effortlessly beautiful.

Careful skincare can protect skin and keep it looking younger for longer.


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