ROMWE WISHLIST | Grey Overload

I have  a massive thing for the shade of ” Grey” lately. (No! Not the book, but with the grey palette.) I just found myself with an entirely new color palette of choice. From soft heather to washed and worn and deep almost plum hues, I just can’t get enough of my new favorite neutral. There is something incredibly refined about this color, and the minimal effect is has makes it very easy to play. Grey gives a sort of a luxurious yet minimal air to the whole look.

I gathered some clothing pieces from Romwe. Romwe is one of my favourite international online shop, it has a great selection of clothes with the great quality at reasonable prices, the brand’s casual and yet sophisticated. Romwe is a brand that aim to bring fashion into your daily life its about finding your very own self in fashion and in you. It is guaranteed that you’ll have yourself a little something that none of your friends have!


Links to items in this post are listed below and for more check out their website!  Find all these pieces  on


Grey High Neck


Mock Neck Slit Slim Grey Dress


Long Sleeve Crisscross Front Hollow Bodycon Dress

Lace up Slim Knit Sweater


If you’re tired of clinging desperately to all black outfits or dark color, Grey is a perfect alternative.  It’s effortless. Crispy but soft, rich but understated.


Lapel Single Button Pockets Long Grey Vest


Grey Sleeveless Lapel Dress


Grey Long Sleeve Pockets Blazer

Long Sleeve Lapel

Grey Long Sleeve Lapel Pockets Coat

What do you think: YES or NO to these pieces?

I hope you love these items as much as I do! And if you’re not much into Grey, Romwe has so much more to offer so browse through their site because you’re sure to find something that’d please your taste! If you have clicked the links listed above you will see for yourself that they sell at really good prices and the free shipping service (if you buy over $50) then just comes as a bonus. You can also save up to 60% off when you make your first order, so who’s really winning here?!



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