Spin the Tee

Major backlog! It’s been almost a month since the last  time I’ve posted *face palm* an outfit post. I have lot’s of outfit lined up to be posted in the next coming weeks. I need to clear them up before December ends! I have spent the last few weeks working on new ventures. Yay! *I feel so blessed*. For today’s post I’ll be featuring 3 ways on how I style my white graphic tee.  Yes! Yes! 3 outfits in a post. It’s the only way I can clear my  backlog list. Hahaha! No more hiatus for Bstyled!cats

White graphic t-shirt has served its role well as the ultimate fashion staple. It is the most  basic, timeless and versatile piece you can own in your wardrobe. It pretty much go with anything and everything you own, regardless of your personal fashion philosophy. Whether it’s worn alone or under another piece of clothing, it continues to make its own style statement time and again.

T-shirt  is a building block for any wardrobe. But, who says a  tee has to be, well, boring? It could get repetitive whipping out the same staple day after day, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’ve been relegating your beloved tee to casual brunches and lazy days at home, I’ve got some advice for you: Don’t. The basic piece you’ve totally been underestimating can take a seat at the grown-up table and take you  from the office to date night and everything in between.

To prove it, I put it to the task and styled up one perfect “More” t-shirt in 3 different ways.


1. T-Shirt + Fancy Skirt

Try a lace embellished skirt and a white sandals for an extra oomph of feminine vibe.


11-9 3-4

2. T-Shirt + One Sided slit Skirt

Play match-maker with coordinating monochrome on top and bottom.

11-9 3-511-9 2-1 11-9 3-2

11-9 2-4

3. T-Shirt +  Leather Short

Make your tee more fun by pairing them with a punch of a solid-colored leather shorts for a comfy yet chic vibe.

11-9 2-611-9-1 11-9 2-1
With a little inspiration, you can get the most out of one of the most overlooked item in your closet you already own. 

Wear the staple in cool, unexpected ways.


clozette-ambassador-badge (1)



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