On a Date


Love is still in the air! 


I’ve always had a secret obsession with this holiday. Love season is not yet over. We still have time to celebrate  love, friendship and romance and whether you’re off on a first date, romantic outing or heading out for the night with a group of friends, you want to be dressed to impress.


With so much hype for the holiday, the ‘what should I wear?’ dilemma is a hard one to figure out. “Should I look Sexy? Should I look sober? Should I look simple?” Isn’t this the questions you always have in your mind while going before the date? We always wanted to make sure we aren’t over/under dressed and, most importantly, that we feel good in whatever we’re wearing.IMG_6601

I opted to keep my look  simple yet chic and vintagey, more of tita-ish look instead of flirty and fiercer look this year.   I paired up my candy colored top to my denim culottes.  This ensemble has me swooning. I added up my striking blue shoulder bad to pop a lil bit.
IMG_6613 IMG_6615

top- Nasty Gal| Culottes- Forever21 |Bag-Ban Da Coot| Shoes-Charles&Kieth| 

No matter what you decide to wear, a few subtle accessories can help make sure that you are looking stunning and are dressed suitably for what you have planned. The key to many outfits is in the intricate finishing touches.



clozette-ambassador-badge (1)



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