L’Oréal Paris Named Celebrities as New Ambassador

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This week, I got a chance attend an event to discover L’Oreal Paris’ way to beauty as it unveils its women of worth — three chosen Filipina brand ambassadors who will represent its makeup, hair color, and skin care lines this 2016. L’oreal is pleased to unveil  Chesca Kramer, Solenn Heusaff and Dawn Zulueta- Lagdameo as the newest  faces of  the brand.


Entry into the ultra-exclusive club of L’Oréal Paris brand ambassadors — whose members include Blake Lively, Karlie Kloss, Eva Longoria, Lara Stone, Barbara Palvin, Jennifer Lopez and Julianne Moore among others — is not typically granted to those who haven’t already made a name for themselves in fashion, beauty or film.

Chesca Kramer is the newest ambassadress for its hair color brand, L’Oréal Paris Excellence. As a woman who advocates the value of beauty and self-care, indeed Chesca is a woman of worth. IMG_9266
L’Oréal Makeup Designer/Paris, has signed Solenn Heussaff as their first-ever makeup designer from the Philippines, pushing forward the brand’s mission to enable women to design their own beauty, as inspired by the art of makeup from Paris.

Dawn Zulueta-Lagdameo is the very first Filipina to represent L’Oréal Skin Expert/Paris, joins the leagues of the world’s most beautiful and elegant women who represent the world’s undisputed number one anti-aging brand throughout the years: from Andie McDowell, Eva Longoria, Naomi Watts to Julianne Moore, and other global icons that represent the L’Oréal woman.

IMG_9156I looked like the girl who has an evil plan. #DroptheBangs2016  #DroptheBomb
IMG_9136Beauty Blogger/ Vloggers spotted

IMG_9135Someone’s caught vlogging! Hi there!

After the unveiling of three chosen Filipina brand ambassadors who will represent its makeup, hair color, and skin care lines this 2016. We were given a chance to try out the newest L’oreal products from Hair to Skin and make up(s). Ahhhh! Wait there’s more, not just to try it out but also to take it home with us. (Make up haven! eeek!)


I will give you a review about the products I got, wait for it!


Waiting for my beauty loot bag.

IMG_9298L’Oréal Paris brought an exciting interactive experience: a highly personalised and intuitive event that offered services combines diagnostics tools with professional advice that answer all our beauty questions. 


After all the make up switch and swatches I did, I decided to have my skin test by a L’oreal expert in skincare. She guided me step by step on how to improve my dry skin condition. She helped me discover the perfect skincare regime and create beautiful make-up looks for my skin colour and complexion.

I discovered that at my age I should double up  my beauty regimen and I should focus on hydrating and moisturizing my skin. Even it’s  a cliche’  : We’re not getting younger! Let’s take good care of our skin.


Chit-chatting with the girls. We attended 3 events on that day. 10am to 12 am. #teamrampadora


It has been a pleasure working with you on this and I look forward in working with you again.

Cathy De Asis
Media Relations Executive
Pulse Communications – Ogilvy Public Relations, Manila

Thank you again for the invite!


clozette-ambassador-badge (1)



15 thoughts on “L’Oréal Paris Named Celebrities as New Ambassador

  1. My mom and my sister are both avid user of Loreal products! They will surely enjoy this event if ever! The tool used by the skincare specialist on your face really intrigues me.. I wonder how it works and what exactly this tool is trying to measure? Wow three events on a day that’s a lot but I’m pretty sure you had a blast!


  2. I’ve spotted some media friends there! L’Oreal has chosen beautiful Filipinas to represent their brand. I’ve only had personal encounters with Solenn in my previous jobs and I admire her candidness and independence, characteristics that are suitable to L’Oreal. 🙂


  3. I think they picked the perfect Filipino celebrities to promote their brand, especially Dawn Zulueta, that woman doesn’t age! She is still as beautiful as ever.


  4. When I was still working in a bank, I was using L’Oreal liquid foundation and lipsticks but eventually the liquid foundation made my skin super oily and breakout I don’t know why. Haven’t tried this brand after that but I guess I’ll give it another try after I fully consume my Revlon.


  5. Hehehe, killer look indeed! You look like an agent out of a bond film or something similar in that photo. So proud of them! They fit L’Oréal Paris perfectly. 😀 What a kickass event.


  6. That looks like a fabulous event! I am also a Loreal user, particularly the face cream products. It’s important to use them during winter, when the air is dry and can damage your face. That plus nivea creme and I’m done with my beauty regimen. 😉


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