Last night some of my friends have tried doing an online profile analysis in Facebook using an online generated app, Snackvox. It’s been making rounds on my feed for quite a while now and honestly I don’t even know what is it for. I don’t have any plans of trying it not until a friend of mine asked me to give it a try. She wanted to know what will be my result because she got a very funny one.

What Does Your Profile Picture Say About You?

Here’s the result:

First thing People Notice about you: YOUR FRESH FACE (WOW! haha)

The result made me so kilig, Oh well because it’s been almost a month that I’m using Maybelline White SuperFresh. My current powder foundation made my skin looking so fresh.


I have been a liquid foundation girl my entire makeup-wearing life, but I have recently branched out to powder foundation for the daytime. I’ll admit It’s not easy to find the perfect foundation.  I’m extremely picky with foundations (especially given my sensitive, acne-prone skin), but this often recommended formula finally made it’s way into my beauty bag few weeks ago and I have been a believer since. Unlike most foundations, It doesn’t leave me feeling dry and look dusty or cakey on the skin,  Maybelline White SuperFresh ALWAYS blends gorgeously and wears comfortably and at the end of the day and gives really full coverage with just a few press.


I was challenged by the fab ladies of the Maybelline Team to take the #UltiMatteFaceOff  Test where I get to compare the performance of Maybelline’s White Super Fresh Powder Foundation vs. Brands X, Y and Z in oil and sweat absorption.

Watch this video and see for yourself which is the best in oil and sweat absorption.

Maybelline White Super Fresh touted as the no touch-up powder foundation with SPF 34 PA+++ that gives a matte and 12-hour long lasting coverage while being gentle on the skin. It has Clean Touch Technology enriched with Mineral Perlite that has 5x absorption power than regular talc powder. This powder foundation promises to keep away sweat and oil for 12 hours. Hence, there’s lesser or even zero chances of breakouts since pores are not clogged with sweat and oil giving you a super fresh, fair and matte skin.


Want a foundation that delivers amazing coverage, lasts all day and works wet and dry? Maybelline White Super Fresh Powder Foundation delivers advanced formula that provides weightless, buildable coverage with a luminous and matte finish.
It comes in four shades: 02 Nude Beige, 03 Natural, 04 Honey, and 05 Sand Beige

Maybelline White Super Fresh Price: P299.00

 Not even the best eye makeup and lip products on Earth will make you look gorgeous if your skin looks blah.  With Maybelline White Super Fresh Powder Foundation, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get flawless skin. Now, ladies, I dare you to take the #UltiMatteFaceOff Challenge and win exciting prizes! (Check it out on instagram)


clozette-ambassador-badge (1)




15 thoughts on “Maybelline White SuperFresh #ULTIMATTEFACEOFF CHALLENGE

  1. Oh I saw a clip of that video on your Instagram and I must say that it is wonderfully shot! I’m not really into beauty products but I think if there is version of it for men, I will definitely go for it… having an oily skin is really one of my issues especially now that the weather is too hot


  2. I’ve always been a Maybelline user since I’ve been introduced to the world of make up. I love their formula especially with my acne prone and sensitive skin. And the price range is also student/wallet friendly! Will make sure to check out Maybelline White SuperFresh Foundation. 😀


  3. Great! I’m into liquid foundation too but I’m currently looking for a powder foundation because the summer heat makes my liquid foundation feel a bit sticky and heavy. I’ll check out Maybelline when I go shopping this weekend.


    1. Hey Roselle, Maybelline White Super Fresh powder is also available in liquid form. It’s just new in the market and it dries out in matte finish. Do check it out 🙂


  4. I love matte face powder because it lasts long. But i use BB cream under it pa. Im gonna try that app too. Hahaha. Id like to try maybelline’s face powder too. You mentioned it keeps away sweat longer.


  5. Cool! I still haven’t found the perfect foundation for me (though I prefer liquid over powder), and for someone whose everyday routine ISN’T routine, I need to find one that will do its job on both ends. Maybelline has been a constant must-have in my collection, but I mostly have their lipsticks and eye-liners. I maybe ought to give this product a go. Thanks.


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