Arla Cheesy Spread: The Real Cheesy Spread is Here!

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I’m a cheese-lover; got that kid in a candy store feeling having a tub of Arla Cheesy Spread on my hand. Ahhh! The search for the real cheese in Ph is finally over. 

Cheese, glorious cheese! From  sweet desserts to savory stews and from fanciful feasts to mellow meriendas – Filipinos have a knack for finding a way to incorporate cheese into their dining table. While cheese blocks and slices spread gives makes it a winner in the hearts of countless consumers. But are sure that your beloved spread is actually cheese?

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Mr.Jens Christian: To delight and nourish Filipinos with REAL cheesy goodness that has all the nutritious qualities of REAL milk, Arla Foods is bringing Arla Cheesy Spread to the Philippines.This is the first time that we are introducing this product in Asia.

One look at our local grocery stores will show a thoroughly  saturated cheese spread market with jars of all shapes and sized excitedly announcing their variants. With all these choices, it’s easy to think that the Philippines has several options for real cheese spread. But that’s not the case.


What is real cheese spread? Simply put, real cheese spread should taste and look as delicious and as creamy as the milk it was made from.  After, the best cheeses are made from the highest quality milk. So it makes sense that  the dairy farmers at Arla Foods- who produce some of the world’s best milk- would also be able to make a genuinely delicious real cheese spread like no other.

More often than not, we think that cheese spread  should be  yellow and thick, much like how a puddle cheddar cheese would look. But unfortunately just because  it reminds you of cheese, doesn’t mean it really is.


That’s why this year, the people that brought you  Arla milk, cheese slices, and cream cheese spreads now brings you the country’s first real cheese spread, Arla Cheesy Spread. Made from almost 90% milk, Arla Cheesy Spread guarantees consumers that they’re tasking nothing but the honest-to-goodness deliciousness that an authentic cheese product can offer.


#LetinTheGoodness with Arla Cheesy Spread

From looks alone, we can see that Arla Cheesy Spread is different- a very good different. It’s natural white is the result of purity of the cow’s milk used of lack of coloring agents. It’s flavor, on the other hand, is a delicate marriage of mild slaty and milky tastes, making it easy to pair with practically any food.


Chef Gino Gonzales and Chef China Cojuangco introduced nine (9) of their recipes which mainly used Arla Cheesy Spread. These recipes shows the versatility of the product.


  1. Arla Cheesy Shake 2. Cheesy Cheese Cake 3. Arla Cheesy Mac n Cheese 4.Cheesy Smoked Fish Roll 5. Greek Spinach and Cheese Turnover 6. Arla Spagetti with Stuffed Meat Balls


7. Three Mushroom and Saffron Rissoto 8. Arla Torta Con Queso 9. Cheesy Spread Pandinini

With just five ingredients in each bottle, this is as close to natural as we can get with a cheese spread. And since Arla Cheesy Spread is a real food, it doesn’t just deliver on taste and texture, it also holistically nourishes.


Arla Cheesy Spread’s Real Food Advocates: Celebrity moms Rica Peralejo – Bonifacio, Danica Sotto – Pingris and Amanda Griffin – Jacob


Advocates discussing things they love about Arla Cheesy Spread.

Quick  and easy doesn’t need to equate to empty  calories. Arla Cheesy Spread is the right balance of convenience, taste, and nutrition. No matter if it is enjoyed on plain white bread or as a sauce to a hearty meal- Arla Cheesy Spread makes it easy for everyone to #LetIntheGoodness.


So next time the urge to indulge in cheesy goodness hts, we no longer have to settle for a cheese substitute. We can #GetReal and go for the delectable taste of real cheese through Arla Cheesy spread.

Oops! Wait there’s more…

WIN a trip to Denmark!

Denmark is home to Arla and several Arla farms. And true to its promise of food traceability, Arla will bring one lucky Arla consumer and a companion to Denmark to visit one of the farms where its products are produced through the Fly to Denmark with Arla Consumer Promotion!


Here are the contest mechanics:

  •  The contest will run from May 1 to June 30, 2016. During this time, every Php500 worth of Arla Food products (Milk Goodness, Cheese Slices, Cream Cheese, and Cheesy Spread) purchased from supermarkets nationwide entitles customers to one (1) raffle entry.
  •  To join, customers should take a clear photo of the receipt containing the purchased Arla products and send it to the Arla Philippines’ Facebook page via private message along with their name, address, telephone/mobile number, and e-mail address. Aside from thedigital photo of the receipt, participants should also keep the physical copy of the receipt and photocopy it in case the receipt is thermal. These will serve as proofs of purchase justin case the participant wins.
  • Note that participants must like the Arla Philippines’ Facebook page beforehand to be able to submit the photo.
  • Arla will then send participants a “receiving” e-mail that includes their raffle code randomly generated using an online generator.
  •  Participants can send in as many entries as they want.

The grand draw will be held at Arla Foods Philippines’ office on July 15, while the winner will be announced on Arla’s social media accounts on July 22. The winner will also be contacted by arepresentative from Arla through e-mail. Snapseed (2)

The winner will receive a five days/four nights all-expense paid trip for two (2) to Denmark to beheld from August 20-24, 2016. The winner should have a valid passport. The costs for visa application will be shouldered by the winner.


For more information on Arla Foods and the Fly to Denmark with Arla Consumer Promotion, please visit or follow  @ArlaPH on Facebook and @arla_ph on Instagram.


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4 thoughts on “Arla Cheesy Spread: The Real Cheesy Spread is Here!

  1. I mean, who doesn’t love cheese??? It’s a staple in our pantry and my kids devour it with anything haha! It’s nice to have another variant to choose from. Will definitely consider this next time we do grocery shopping 🙂


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