Going Barefoot

I had a great escape from the hustle and bustle of city life with a bit of tranquility two a weeks ago when we visited Alibijan (link here). It was a small heaven in itself far away from tech-heavy and work-driven realities. The place was good as a breakaway from my busy life, I had … More Going Barefoot


Quezon province is home to a lot of beaches that are still untouched and unexploited, leaving it’s natural beauty to mesmerize you. Some may not yet discover this enchanting island in Quezon. There’s so many beautiful beaches in Quezon. Cagbalete, Borawan and Kwebang lampas to name a few. Alibijaban /’a-li-bi-ha-ban’/ You probably haven’t heard of … More Alibijaban

Trip Together, Not Alone ( 4 Reasons Why Couples Should Travel Together)

Traveling alone can be the ultimate self-indulgence. It can be one of the most rewarding, inspiring, fulfilling and empowering activities you can do in your life. While traveling with your best friend is unbelievably fun. But traveling with your significant other,with the one you love can be one of the most memorable experiences of discovery … More Trip Together, Not Alone ( 4 Reasons Why Couples Should Travel Together)

Sweet Sunshiny Escape

    What summer means to me… Well, it’s hard to say. It’s hard to think about it when there’s so much to say.  Summer means, making memories and soaking up every sunshiny moment.  It is the time of the year perfect for lazing around, getting a tan or visiting places without worrying for turbulent seas or … More Sweet Sunshiny Escape

Beat the heat

Sun is shining bright. The long wait to hit the beach is over. After almost a year of  craving for the smell of the warm sea breeze, sound of crashing waves and the soft sand. Ahhhhh!Finally!!! I was so eager for this long awaited summer mini vacay to begin (longing to be in relaxation mode).  Finally it … More Beat the heat