Benefit Cosmetics ( Product/Services/Boutique Review)


I’m not as blessed as the other girls in terms of a perfect fairer skin. I got lots of imperfections with my skin.  It isn’t luminous nor even-toned. In short I’ve got  a lot to hide. I don’t always have the time or the money to keep up a maintenance program to do a  multipart skincare regimen to clarify my skin;I am always looking for quick fixes to camouflage problems (from breakouts to spider veins and dark spots.) Putting make up is the easiest way for me to cover up and enhance my natural beauty.


I am a huge fan of makeup but not a slave of any luxurious brand with an expensive beauty labels. Aside from the fact that I couldn’t afford but also I hate spending a ridiculous amount of my hard-earned cash for just a tube of primer or a foundation that will last and be emptied in just few months. I often find myself on the lookout for cheaper alternatives to expensive makeup. Who would want to pay full price for a designer item when you can drive down the block and grab basically the same thing at a fraction of the price or even way way cheaper? I’ll tell you: no one. Many of us are just like me,  a strong believer that “there are good ones that aren’t too expensive.”  


That Pink Beauty Boutique: Benefit Cosmetics Shop

Last week I got the chance to visit a beauty boutique in Alabang Town Center. If you’re a beauty junkee or a beauty enthusiast, Benefit Cosmetics is very familiar to you. This is an iconic makeup brand that all beauty blogger, youtubers and makeup artist definitely love. But for me Benefit Cosmetics is one of the brands I’m allergic with. ( not literally because my skin is reacting but my  pocket is itching.  Haha) Benefit is one of the brands I consider maharlika. ( Pricey!Sa sobrang mahal titipirin mo talaga!) . So I never buy or tried even a single product before coz for me it’s too pricey.


NUFF SAID for a bit of a hefty price tag. Let’s discuss about the quality. I have tried many drugstore products already but only few offered a good quality. Like what I’ve told you earlier my skin has a lot of impurities and as a blogger I should learn how to perfectly cover it up, enhance and translate  my natural beauty. I badly need beauty products that will give me a natural look and not an unrecognizable beauty. Beauty products that doesn’t require 40 lbs of makeup ( foundation, concealer, primer etc.) on my bare face.


Benefit Cosmetics is a type of brand that will give you something that you paid for (Yeah! yeah! you will really get what you pay for.) From the cute packaging, the sweet sweet smell and how it feels on the skin. Love at first try!


When I visited Benefit Cosmetics boutique in Town, Alabang. I was assisted by very accommodating benebabes. They are very much willing to help you out from the time you entered the boutique. I was treated like a princess in an all pink  room. I was  literally tickled in pink.

2016_0517_12255300The key to natural, flawless glowing skin begins with a fantastic skin preparation. Skin does not look it’s happiest when it is dry, tired, cracked or oily. If we prep the skin on our  face correctly before we add your actual makeup, we will not need as much makeup to “fix” any given skin situation we might be faced with allowing an opportunity for our“natural, flawless glowing skin” to shine through! 

And yas, Benefit has a skin care products to. Aside from the eye catching bottles, the smell was where I got really into. Sobrang bango! It gave my skin a soothing and fresh feeling.


Once skin is properly prepped, now we can apply our makeup, as usual being mindful to go lighter on the foundation and powder. With a good skin prep we won’t need to pile on the foundation.


PS: If you want your tub of makeup to last, prep your skin properly. It’s a must! Tone.Moisturize. Hydrate


Can you see the instant glow?


Highlighting time! 

I’ve narrowed it down  to my top three favourite products of theirs, and it was EXTREMELY hard to do so (because I love majority of their products I’ve tried).


‘They’re Real’ mascara– If  you’re going to buy anything from Benefit, then I really would urge anyone to buy the ‘They’re Real’ mascara. Benefit are famed for this little beauty and honestly it’s been one of my favourite mascaras for about a year. I do have naturally quite long lashes but they lack in thickness and this mascara helps to both add length and volume to the lashes, giving you that false lash effect. ahhh! loving this so so much!

Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow– My skin got more hydrated and luminous. This natural-finish foundation builds from light to medium coverage for a natural complexion and features light-diffusing properties and hydrating benefits.
The POREfessional –I absolutely love it! I have pretty large pores on my nose and even after makeup you can sometimes still see them upclose. I also have combination skin, (mostly dry more than anything) and I breakout from almost everything! This primer fills in my pores right away, as soon as I spread it around my nose, on my nose, and cheeks I can see a major difference. I also wear a little on the lines around my mouth (the “laughing” lines) to fill them in and make them less pronounced. I love the texture and how it glides so smoothly. My skin feels like silk wherever I place it. The texture is just amazing! This little product does not only make my pores disappear but I feel it has significantly help me not break out. It is like a barrier between my skin and the foundation, so I now find myself putting it around my chin as well where I tend to break out. My skin has been so clear even after wearing foundation for long hours and I feel it is partially cause of this little primer.

2016_0517_12142400Eyebrows have been in the spotlight more than ever recently, and for good reason. Well-groomed brows act to frame the eyes. It balance and  highlight your best features. Believe me when I tell you: Your brows can either make you or break you.


If you got a #BrowProblem, worry no more. Benefit Cosmetics got a Brow Bar for you. Forget the tweezers eye brow waxing is quicker, cleaner and gives longer lasting result. There’s only two words to describe the experience of having a BrowWax , quick pain.  The pain you’ll have was quick and that makes it very bearable. The result is very clean and neat brows thereafter. Totally worth it, I would say.

Brow Waxing is P650.00 at local Benefit Cosmetics boutiques.



Benebabes  Aestheticians and Sean (Boutique Proprietor)

If you’re interested in make-up and you’re willing to splurge a little bit then I would definitely say Benefit are one of the go-to brands that are around at the moment. The thing I like most about Benefit is that you don’t have to be a make up artist to use their stuff. Not that you have to be a make-up artist to use any other brand, but Benefit has a way of making it all seem very easy and not intimidating!



Drop by to Benefit Cosmetic Beauty Boutique in Alabang Town Center, Alabang and fall in love instantly with their beauty must-haves.

Photograph by: Nikki Pili

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