Suited it Up: Timeless Pieces (featuring Ira Gatmaitan)

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Keeping up with trends, especially in the name of fashion, can be quite daunting, not to mention expensive. Ouch! Yes, expensive! It will surely hurt your pocket and sometimes may cause your bankrupcy! Haha! But of course, it can be fun to splurge on clothes that you’ve seen all over IG world as of late, but more times than not trends live up to their definition sooner rather than later, and just when you thought you were caught up in all things fashionable, all you’re left with is another dated piece of clothing that unavoidably ends up in a pile to be trashed, sleep on your closet forever or better off to be donated. Investing in your wardrobe is great, but it’s crucial to know exactly what to buy.

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Every woman – regardless of age, body shape, or overall style – should own the right foundation pieces that isn’t just about looking great – it’s also about saving money. Put all your fashion pesos toward good-quality pieces that never go out of style. Pieces that will always makes you look current. Pieces you can simply pepper in colors, shapes, and fabrics that change with the seasons – and with your tastes.

LITC Jean Dalida

And without further ado, let’s jump right in!


Always classic, always timeless! One piece that can be worn repeatedly is a blazer. It can add a sophisticated and polished look to any outfit. Look for a blazer that is form-fitting yet not too tight so you’ll be able to move around comfortably.

LITC Jean Dalida-10

Dark-Wash Boot-Cut Jeans

Although skinny, boyfriend, and trouser-style jeans are more modern, it’s still important to have an oh-so-classic pair of dark-wash, boot-cut jeans in your closet. These jeans are great for  dinners, pig out with friends, casual days at work, or even just pairing with a t-shirt. Look for styles with no fading or embellishments. The simpler the better.

Pair of Heels

No girl in the world should go without a pair of wearable, classic, and simple heels in their closet. These babies will be here for you from weddings to any events and from first dates to first jobs. Slip into something you’re comfortable wearing with. But hey, the key to looking classic and chic is staying poised, and believe me, I understand how impossible that is if your feet are killing you!- so you better choose the right shoe for your sole!

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Sunnies from Charles and Keith

Pair of Black Sunnies

Sunglasses are a must-have in every girl’s life. From protecting  eyes from the sun to even hiding tears, sunnies are such a life saver. I always G for a black sunnies. It’s a piece that can add life to your outfit, and step out in the sun in style.

LITC Jean Dalida-13

So there you go, the pieces I mentioned are definitely investment pieces, so don’t be afraid to splurge on certain ones if the time is right. They’re classics and (if you take care of them) can last for years or even decades.

Before I end this post let me introduce to you the expert behind all these good photos.
LITC Jean Dalida-12
It takes a lot to become a fashion blogger. You need a good outfit and and you need a good pose, but even the best designer clothes, the most chic pose and even the most graceful twirl won’t get a fashion attention if there’s no one to take your picture. I’m excited to introduce to you the Pro behind the lens and captured good photos of mine. Ira Gatmaitan made it all all happen.  She’s a Manila-based photographer focuses on framing, light and movement. She can capture the true beauty of her subject.

If you’re a blogger looking for a photographer I highly recommend Ira.

Check out her blog here for more of her works: follow her instagram @iragatmaitan

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Photos by Ira Gatmaitan

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17 thoughts on “Suited it Up: Timeless Pieces (featuring Ira Gatmaitan)

  1. You look super stylish here! I agree with classic heels and black sunnies being timeless – definitely good things to have in your closet! (And unfortunately two items I don’t have, but I really want to find the right pieces hah). Thanks for sharing these, Jean!

    Sam |


  2. Your red blazer is a statement piece! Super nice! I am also into blazers, and have been collecting them for years now. I find blazer super versatile, it can worn during events, during office hours, even on gimik nights!


  3. Timeless pieces will always be better than pieces that have a limited time, that’s for sure. I love that you mentioned that it’s better to invest your money on clothes that will never go out of style, following the trend is such a waste. I make sure I always have the basics in my wardrobe, these things on the list plus more like a classic lbd!


  4. Comfort and style is what I always apply. I love the idea of styling wardrobe pieces. Now that I’m pregnant, of course I cannot wear most of my clothes like crop tops, high-waist jeans and some other clothes that are trendy. What I do is I wear clothes that looks flattering yet stylish. Most of the time I opt for maxi dress 🙂 I like your ensembles by the way :>


  5. I think I’m doing well since I have the basics, but I still can’t say I have kept up with the fashion trend haha also, I don’t think I can carry heels all the time haha


  6. I agree! Blazers can really step up any outfit. I just cannot wear blazer in this blazing heat haha Great photos!


  7. Beautiful photographs indeed. It simply shows how great your photographer is and how great you are as a model too. I believe both should work well together to produce wonderful photographs such as this. And because of the amazing photography, the pieces you’re wearing really stands out. I personally love the combination. 🙂

    ♡ Louise | Tales & Escapades


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