What I Wore: Fashion Week

Well, fashion week just flew by. What had happened was simply one of a kind experience for me. I can’t get over. The glitz and glamour, me being surrounded with beautiful and fashionable crowd was simply amazing. It’s the most exciting point in my fashion diary. But there’s one question circling around my mind before the big day: “WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR??” “WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR??” “WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR??”!!! haha! Seriously! I was in a greater degree of panic than usual because in this event, what you wear really matters.

I rarely draped myself with something lady-like or corporate pieces. But for this time I tried and it turned out classy and elegant. I loved it! It’s all about textures and cuts. I paired up my leather shorts with my triangular peplum bodice to give an extra kick. I layered on Blazer Tux for an instant standout touch. Lastly to complete the ensemble I spiced it up with my criss cross high heels.

My Ensemble: 

   1.White triangular Peplum Bodice: Thrifted 

2.Blazer/ Tuxedo:  ZARA 

3.Textured Faux Leather Shorts: FOREVER21 

4.Criss Cross High Heels Sandals: ZARA


Woah! Look what I stumbled upon! Thanks megSTREETWEAR.PH

Never in my wildest dreams would I expect to be part of the top 10 best dresses of PhFw Spring/Summer 15. All the stylish folks came out and play. So I’m amazed and humbled at the same time by the attention I received. Such an honor. From a patpataing Jologs now turned into a hardcore fashionista.  

It boosted up my spirit and confidence. Being who you are and embracing your own style will help you stand out in the sea of fashionable crowd.

 Girl, let your fine fashion set sail! Express yourself in fashion and keep sailin’!


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