Do the Switch: Work to Party Look


When you work in an office, part of your normal routine includes changing out of your PJ’s and into work-appropriate attire. Some will do dress-up, others will just cover themselves with something normal. (black pants, polo, shift dress.) In an effort to get a jump on the day, I, as a home-based ESL teacher, skip this step and stay in my PJs or sweatpants while I work. I stick to something I’m wearing comfortable with. One of the perks of being a home-based employee actually aside from my flexi sched! Yee! I don’t need to worry about what to wear  in the office or in meeting the client. I can wear anything I like, as long as I’m well covered and presentable in the camera. But….But… I’ll be honest, sometimes I missed the feeling of being ” Get-Dressed everyday”. I missed wearing office ensemble. Coats, slacks, trousers, pair of heels , etc… 


Work, party, sleep, wake up, repeat. If you’re in the loop! Let me help – at least with the wardrobe part (not with the hectic scheds. Haha)  Instead of attempting a full outfit change in your office’s bathroom stall on your way out to your event, just try one quick add ins or swap outs and refresh your office look to get you party ready in less than 5 minutes.


Let’s begin with the easiest one. SHOE SWAP. A good shoe swap can take your look from office appropriate to party ready in a few seconds. From flats or low heels, go for a high heel with a delicate ankle tie or with a cage heels just like with my abused Zara Basic heels. Haha  You’ll definitely add major sex appeal without looking like you spent an extra hour primping at the office.


If every woman’s favorite fashion icon, Audrey Hepburn is the early champion of the Little Black Dress. In this era, Girls who wear LBJs (Littke Black Jumpsuit) are the new champs. LBJs do double duty. It’s a no-fail, wear-anytime staple. It’s the most  easy thing a woman can find. You’ll never have to go home and  change. Adding up, twisting and updating  this piece with a shoe, a topper and accessories will make things easier. It will be to get dressed for anything from a big meeting to weekend get-togethers. You’ll reach for them all the time.


Blazers! Blazers! More casual than it’s cousin, the tux, this tomboy staple has the power to soften a straight-up work look. Remember you always want your outfits to play against types. The tomboyness of this blazer works best with power-pieces like a pair of black trousers, leather pencil and heels or a high-waisted pants or with LBJs.


Wear this little tailored blazers as an amazing topper for your jumpsuit for the work day, and then when you’re heading out and ready to dance the night away, take it off. Ehemmm! Instant Chic alert! IMG_7612

So I’m bringing that sexy, oops Skinny back of mine! 

Take your blazers off and you’re ready to heat up the night. Ahe!


EYE LINER:HyperSharp Powder Black LIPS: Maybelline LipGradient

Last but not the least, MAKE-UP! It is the ultimate look changer. Keep your day make up as is, just add a bright lips. It might seem intimidating at first and it will take a minute to get used to how it looks on you, but the more you wear it, the more addicted you’ll be to your new found confidence booster.


Maybelline Hypersharp| The heat is no excuse for you to miss out on the next big thing to hit the beauty scene. Be prepared to bring your look from summer lights to summer nights withMaybelline New York’s HyperSharp Power Black. Power Black makes the ultimate cut above the rest as it transfers one shade blacker versus regular liners in the market, in just one swipe. Perfect for black impact seekers, this newest liner is waterproof and promises a 24-hour intense staying power.


No matter what your job is, weather you’re working in the office or working at home,  it’s clear that nighttime switch is part of the drill. Switching or transitioning from a day to night look should be fun; it shouldn’t be stressful. You don’t need to spend hours changing your looks. It’s easy as 1.2.3, you just need to have the double duty pieces that will keep you office-cocktail party ready as always.

I actually wore this look when I attended an event for Axe Black which requires all the guest to wear an all black chic and masculine ensemble.

Check out my #AxeBlack experience. HERE

(c) Justine Galang


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14 thoughts on “Do the Switch: Work to Party Look

  1. This is a very helpful post especially for the ones who work in the corporate jungle but still find time to party. We must admit that getting ready for a night out after work is really a struggle. Thank you for your tips. More power to you!


  2. I am lucky to work in an office where there is no dress code. I work in IT and I also cycle to work, so usually just jeans and a t-shirt will do. However, I like your jumpsuit and I find it very suitable for an elegant event after work.


  3. Heeey! May I know what company do you work for? I’m an online ESL tutor as well and I must agree with you that we really don’t stress ourselves regarding our clothes when we teach. Haha! Shorts are okay, tops lang ang kailangan ng onting effort. Haha. I love everything about your photos. Ganda! Cheers!



  4. I’m loving your jumpsuit and your makeup too. Thank you for the tips on how to dress achieve that work and party look. Although I would love to try your look, I think it won’t be applicable for my kind of work. Nevertheless, I will still try it for my party look. Thaaaanks!

    Jen Villarosa


  5. Looks good! I do notice a lot of girls are wearing LBJs nowadays, didn’t know there’s a term for it already like LBD haha. Personally prefer LBDs parin cos di bagay sakin jumpsuit lol. XD


  6. Love the outfit. It looks great on you but I don’t think I’d be able to pull that off, haha. Black is always a safe color if you want to achieve a work to party look. 🙂


  7. Whoah great tips for corporate workers and party goers hehe it’s kinda edgy, creative and very stylist if most women would dress up like that at the office. Not the usual get up.


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